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Electrical wire in a state of disrepair with a red box around it and a red flag indicating that the wiring was flagged as an issue from Loss Control

Loss Control

Loss control should be thought of not as an expense, but rather an investment into a more profitable, healthier risk portfolio. In order for that investment to achieve the desired ROI, it is critical to move away from generic commercial or personal lines loss control vendors who produce boilerplate reports recommending hand rails and the installation of sprinkler systems.  

As focused Farm / Ag loss control experts, ARS delivers a superior, unmatched Farm / Ag loss control ROI, identifying true risk drivers and recommending practical and affordable remedies that deliver meaningful reduction of risk.  

Agribusiness Risk Services employee sits infront of a computer screen reviewing an inspection's findings

Claims Administration

ARS provides full Property and Casualty claims administration services for carriers, MGAs, program administrators, and captives. 


The ARS pillars of claims management are:  speed, responsiveness, thoroughness, fraud alertness, bulletproof compliance, and accurate reporting, but really these are the minimum expectations of delivering excellent claims management.  The ARS  advantage lies in our Farm / Ag focus, experience, and expertise.  This is a clear distinction from our competitors, who primarily operate in commercial or personal lines.

Agribusiness Risk Services employee acting as a claims adjuster stands infront of a burnt down poultry confinement structure

Claims Adjustment

It's all about having the right boots on the ground, so to speak.  It just makes good sense that owners of farms and agricultural businesses are best served by experienced Farm / Ag adjusters who can "walk the walk" and "talk the talk."  Given that, why do so many companies send commercial and personal lines adjusters to handle Farm / Ag claims?  This is often a recipe to make a poor impression on insureds - and to overpay claims, since the leading construction cost tools available to personal and commercial adjusters are frequently wildly inaccurate when it comes to determining agricultural property costs.  There is just no substitute for experience; ARS delivers the right "boots on the ground" for losses of all types and sizes.  

Farm / Ag focus delivers superior results

Large commercial farm featuring a multitude of structures including a barn, silos, grain elevators, livestock confinement buildings, and more


Agribusiness Risk Services (ARS) is the world's first and only risk services and claims administration company that is 100% dedicated to serving the Farm / Ag space.  ARS fills a tremendous need in the marketplace -- carriers, agents, and brokers can all agree:  Farm / Ag is a highly specialized niche, and properly serving insureds requires knowledgeable and experienced Farm / Ag experts.  

Proudly serving all of the lower 48 states

With regional hubs located in Winston Salem, NC, Lansing, MI, and Kansas City, KS.

US map highlighting all states except for Alaska and Hawaii as servicable by Agribusiness Risk Services

When disaster strikes, ARS is here to help.



A farmer shakes hands with an Agribusiness Risk Services claims adjuster

ARS works with expert farm/ag risk services and claims professionals on a national basis, and we are always seeking additional relationships. If you are interested in partnering with us as an inspector, engineer, and/or licensed adjuster, please send us your cover letter and C.V. to

Farmer is being shown reports on an ipad with a red tractor in the background



For any inquiries, questions, or comments, please call: 888-721-6040 or fill out the following form.

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